This site was created by Emma Frieze, a communications & marketing student, for her friend Sophie in January 2021. While this page may not be a real shop today, Emma has no doubt that Sophie will someday transform the world with what she creates for the fashion & beauty industry.

The branding designs created by Emma (using Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator) and featured on this site are inspired by Sophie’s love for fashion, skincare, makeup, and self-care … as well as the sparkle and friendship Sophie brings to everyday life.

Read below to learn more about the brands created for the “Sophie Jones Collection.”

About the Brands

Simply Sophie

The Simply Sophie brand was developed from Sophie’s free spirit and spontaneous nature. The butterfly logo symbolizes youthfulness, freedom, and spreading your wings. The Simply Sophie brand is all about embracing your authentic and true self. Below are some photos that inspired Simply Sophie.


The SOPH brand was created because Sophie is an ultimate fashionista. She is always in-the-know about the latest trends and which designers are flaunting their works on the red carpet. She is fierce and can rock any model walk; she’s also ready to help anyone feel confident in their own dress-up looks. After all, that’s just “SOPH!”

Sophie Chic

Here’s something true: Sophie is chic! The Sophie Chic brand was created to explore what branding could potentially look like for a brick-and-mortar boutique. This brand is all about combining everyday fun with let’s-make-a-statement style, which the below photos inspired.

In the Details: Brand Guidelines

Color Scheme (All Brands)

Black (#000000), Fierce Gray (#454343), Matte Silver (#909090), Simple Blush (#d08fa0), Playfully Pink (#d873a0), and Hot Pink Lipstick (#ee2f81).


To keep this project very simple in terms of fonts, two commonly used fonts were utilized: Avenir Next and Snell Roundhand.

Signature Patterns & Textures

These are four patterns that were created with these brands in mind. The two silver patterns directly correlate with the SOPH brand, and the two pink patterns work well within Sophie Chic, even though the pattern incorporating hearts, flowers, stars, and circles initially came from an early Simply Sophie logo experimentation.

Key Brand Words

Clear, Glamour, Glitter, Kindness, Looks, Sparkle, Authentic, True, Fierce, Chic, Statement, Everyday, Women, Runway, Self-Care, Smile, Fab, Glow, Embrace, Pink, Empower, Inspire, Summer, Trending, Positivity, Shine, Radiance, Refresh.

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